Lifestyle Business Ideas For 2018

When people ask what are the best lifestyle business ideas for 2018, they often refer to businesses that would not fit in a traditional investment model. In other words, these businesses are less lucrative and less difficult to build, but they can still provide an incredibly rewarding lifestyle for their founders. Take Netflix as an example. The company basically remade the movie rental business and destroyed Blockbuster video. Netflix did it with BRAINS, not money.

Offering personalized experiences through Airbnb can be another way to make a living. In London, Lauren Gheysens runs a side business, offering tours to locals in 18th century costumes. The idea of creating an experience that is unique to each guest is a popular one, and it will likely be profitable for both you and the host. Similarly, a company that sells handcrafted jewelry can offer an excellent product that is unique to its owner.

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