6 Things Cat Owners Must Know Before Buying Cat Food Bowls

We know how exciting shopping can be, especially when it involves buying things for our fur friends. Cat owners staring at the loaded racks in the pet store aisles may find it challenging to make the right pet product choices because there are too many items to consider and compare before purchasing. However, cat parents can easily distinguish cat-worthy products from the rest by examining how pet-safe a thing is.

For instance, a giant interactive play toy may not pose a significant threat to a cat’s life, yet, the dangers of swallowing tiny pieces of the same but broken toy can be unfathomable. There might be no choice but to deal with unanticipated vet visits and hefty medical bills. With kitten insurance, cat parents can significantly lower their financial burden during uncalled-for pet health incidents.

Kitten insurance in NZ can help cat owners provide their fur ball quality medical care at affordable costs during accidents, injuries, pet health emergencies, and more. So, consider purchasing a pet policy; in the meantime, read this article to learn some things that can help select a cat-safe food bowl.

1.Avoid plastic bowls

Bowls made of hard plastics are durable, and others may not last long. At the same time, kitty cats allergic to plastics may develop feline chin acne, an irritating and painful skin condition. Also, plastics are susceptible to nicks and scratches, making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful germs. So, it is best to rule out plastic food dishes.

2.Choose cat-safe materials

Lead-free ceramics, earthenware, and bamboo cups are safer options for a cat food dish. Plus, stainless steel is durable, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean and use.

3.Maintain cleanliness

Cats love cleanliness, and it reflects in their choices. They mostly don’t eat and drink from unclean bowls. Even tiny fragments of dry food left in the bowl can dirty the dish, especially when cat owners refill those bowls repeatedly without caring to wipe them clean. However, bowls used to serve wet food must be washed before filling them with the following meals or snacks.

4.Shape/size of the bowl

The bowl needs to be large enough to hold the kitty’s food and ensure that the bowl doesn’t topple, like in the case of circular-shaped bowls.

5.Buy placemats for the bowls

Plastic placemats don’t soak in the liquid spills and can be easily wiped. These items can hold the bowl firmly and carry the food spills, sparing a cat owner’s living room floor from taking the food mess.

6.Check feline auto-feeders

Free feeding has its disadvantages, and they range from overweight to obesity-related medical conditions. So, look for automatic feeders that dispense only calculated food portions or treats at regular intervals.

Consider the tips mentioned above before buying that cute cat food bowl posted for sale online. Now, we don’t want our fur babies to suffer from toxic ingestion, allergies, injuries, etc., because of engaging with a fancy-looking cat item that hardly promises safety.

As much as we take care not to give our fur balls unsafe snacks, food, objects, toys, and other things, still, some so-called “pet safe” merchandise can inflict harm on our furry pets. So, stay prepared to handle unexpected medical bills with kitten insurance. Kitten insurance NZ allows cat owners to provide their fur ball superior healthcare for covered medical conditions at economical costs. So, why hesitate to explore cheap kitten insurance plans now?

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