7 Things Women LOVE On A Man

Regarding the world of dating, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every woman has unique preferences when it comes to what they look for in a partner. Some might like a tall and muscular man, while others prefer someone more intellectual or creative. 

But no matter your type, women find certain traits and qualities universally attractive to men. Whether you’re trying to make an excellent first impression with your date or want to become even more appealing, these seven things should help take your appeal factor up a notch!

A Fitted Suit

We’re all familiar with the use of suits — clothes that displays superiority in formal and business setting. Today, cases aren’t often worn for first-date events. But ladies are shocked when they’re worn professionally. 

Women love that when they dress nicely for special occasions, such as their wedding anniversary. Dressing in a suit with a barrywang tie indicates that you’re willing to work hard and appear your best. I’m sure the ladies are grateful for a man ready to go beyond the call of duty.

A Signature Scent

A pleasing scent is usually the top factor for women selecting a partner. If you were thinking of “what do women want men to wear?” You didn’t know of scent at the top of the list. 

The study shows that women value the olfactory (smell) signals as more significant than visual clues. In general, men have a large majority of women think that your scent is more important than your appearance.

Stylish Jeans 

Jeans are timeless, period. Everyone needs fitting Jeans in their closet regardless of size or age. Denim jeans have been a staple of American popular culture, from contemporary action heroes to the legendary cowboy characters that were the mainstays of Western films. Women have adored jeans-wearing men for the last 100 years, and, likely, this trend will continue beyond the 21st century and beyond.

But, jeans that are perfect fit are easy to find for all body kinds. There are numerous brands, cuts, and styles; therefore, you’ll have to go through trial and error before settling on the perfect style for your body.

High-Quality Shoes

No matter your style or work, everyone should have an excellent pair of clean shoes to demonstrate that he is attentive to minor details. Eyes are said to be eyes to your soul. Shoes are windows to your personality. Looking at your shoes, women can discern a lot about you and your character. They’ve got your feet sorted out before you even start talking.

Elegant shoes, on the other side – Oxfords and Oxfords, Monk Straps, Italian moccasins, and different styles – don’t just demonstrate your care for detail but also show that you have fantastic taste and style.

An Impressive Watch

An impressive watch gives you a glam look and portrays you as thoughtful and considerate in social situations where a phone might not be the best choice. Check the time using a slight flick of your wrist, and then a glance at your watch people around you will notice your efforts to be courteous, and you’ll get the attention of women looking for a kind and well-mannered gentleman. 

If you’ve got a stylish and appropriate-to-the-occasion watch on your wrist, it will catch their eye and enhances the first impression they get of you.

The Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere is a lightweight wool that provides excellent insulation. Compared to regular sheep wool, it makes a sweater more practical and trendy. It gives lots of plushness to your look, and women love touching it. 

They are drawn to guys with an edgier, “sensitive” side that stands out from their usual manliness. So even though cashmere is more (as the hair of goats that are cashmere is scarce), it is essential to think about the long-term benefits.

The Bow Tie

Women love a man who takes pride in his appearance and sporting a bow tie can be the perfect way to catch the eye of your special someone. Whether it’s a classic tie-yourself style or a pre-tied look, wearing one is sure to stand out in the crowd and turn heads. 

Opt for traditional colors like brown bow ties to look sleek and polished, or express yourself with brighter hues like lavender and bright yellows to stand out even more. The best part is that no matter your style, a bow tie is likely available to suit your needs. 

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