Can You Get Paid If You Slip And Fall On Ice?

When you slip and fall on ice, can you get paid? Ice frequently forms on sidewalks and roadways during cold weather. There are many slip-and-fall incidents since ice is so common in cold climates.

A slip on ice can result in severe, potentially fatal injuries. Nothing pleasant happens when you abruptly fall on ice since ice is not forgiving. You can escape with a few scratches and temporary soreness if you are lucky. Contact a Rockford personal injury attorney to get assistance with your case.            

In bad luck, you can shatter bones or sustain wounds that render you permanently crippled or even worse.

Should you be compensated for your injuries if you slip and fall on ice?

You may be reimbursed if you slip and fall on ice on privately owned property.

Over 80,000 people are admitted to hospitals each year due to falls. If you slip on ice on someone else’s property, you probably want to know if you may sue them because hospital visits are expensive.

There is no definite yes or no to the question. You must establish liability on the property owner owing to negligence on their part to bring a lawsuit against them. The primary consideration is to determine whether the owner of the property has taken appropriate measures to maintain the security of the property.

The following inquiries demonstrate this:

  • The property owner has to be conscious of the snow or icy conditions. Did the property owner fail to take appropriate steps to remove the hazard?
  • Would a sensible individual be aware that the existence of snow and ice in this area could result in injuries?
  • Did the property owner’s carelessness cause your injuries?
  • Can a doctor confirm that you have injuries?
  • Did your behavior cause your injuries?

What will you do if you get hurt after falling on ice and sliding?

After slipping on ice and getting hurt, the first step you should take is to tend to your wounds. Nothing is more essential than your health, so get the medical attention you require. You can start considering whether you have a case once you have sought medical attention for your wounds.

The only way to determine if you should file a lawsuit against the property owner you were hurt is to speak with a lawyer. It would help if you spoke with an attorney with a lot of expertise in handling personal injury cases.

You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain and misery, and lost wages if your attorney finds that the property owner was careless in how they maintained it. Therefore, the best thing you can do to safeguard your rights if you suffer an accident after tripping on ice on another person’s property is to talk with a slip-and-fall attorney.

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