Chill Hip Hop Songs to Chill Out To

If you’re looking for the best hip hop tracks to chill out to, the Diplomats may have the answer. Known for combining disco beats with hip hop, the group had a unique sound that sparked a new genre. “You Gots to Chill,” featuring an iconic opening line, was released by the duo before Dr. Dre’s emergence. It embodied the genre’s laidback attitude and stood out from the boastful rapping of other New York emcees. EPMD’s success was evident from its early work and influence, but they did it without abandoning their own culture or tradition.

While chill rap songs have their roots in ambient music, they’ve evolved from this style into an entirely new genre. In 2009, an ironic term for this type of music appeared: “chillwave.” After a decade, chillhop emerged as the most popular genre on YouTube. The low rhythm of chill hip hop quickly caught the attention of YouTube users. These days, many of these songs are available for free, and you can even find them as part of promotional offers.

Another great song for relaxing is “Nutmeg” by Nas. The song started off as an aggressive track but the hook from “Ante Up” is a game changer. The rapping style of this song is rooted in mafia-style lyrics and a sample from Eddie Holman’s “It’s Over” by the band The National. The song’s menacing lyrics and layered references make it an excellent chill hip hop track.

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