Expectations of Kids from Tutors & Ways Tutors Can Be Friendly in Return

Kids have a lot of expectations from their tutors and their school life History Past Papers and Answers, but usually they don’t get even 50% of those expectations from tutors and this is a bitter truth. But still when kids get optimistic and polite behaviour from tutors and they feel like they are in heaven. They expect the child to be disciplined and well mannered, should be very inclined towards their studies and good social activities, and complete their homework timely. Today human life is full of technologies. Even school managements are using tools like ERP for schools and manage the school with ERP in schools in an efficient way. In the same way students are learning from several mediums where teachers instruct students to attempt some assignments and projects for which students take help from online sources. Online sources help students to complete their projects of curriculum. Teachers have a lot of expectations from their students therefore, they keep on giving many assignments according to their students and students also keep on completing such assignments through online education apps and online learning websites.

Students never deny the order to elders and they assume it their duty to fulfil all the expectations of their elders but who will ask them about their expectations? Parents and tutors should keep the flow of information between them and their kids just like ERP in schools keeps the flow of information clear in all departments of the school. They expect a lot from kids. Classes are always crowded therefore students don’t expect much from the tutor also because they usually don’t care whether the student is getting the study material or not and keep on running after completing the course in time only. Kids also want their tutors to know them, their names, their personalities, their wins-failures etc. Students want their mentors to teach them some social skills also apart from making them mug up the course all the time. Students can understand the knowledge taught by tutors unless the teacher connects the bookish knowledge with practical life and explains it to the kids and students. As ERP for schools creates some very efficient ways to manage the school, in the same way use of positive words create some very good characteristics among the kids. So, let’s understand how a father or mother can develop these good aspects in their kid’s character with the help of positive words. Parents need to pay attention to their kid’s feelings and emotions. Parents need to be curious equally with their kids in order to understand their queries and ask them what is the importance of words to them & does it really mean if it is positive or negative? Parents ought to spend time with their kids and should be with them in a way that kids should feel their presence and belongingness. Their presence should be the reason for the smile on the face of kids. Optimistic and positive words incarnate the optimistic side of the character of your child. Whenever you are angry at your child and you wish to use negative words, remember the effects of it on the child. Do remember that a child imitates you. That is why if you speak to him/her he/she will repeat it outside and it will make your rapport among people in society about the upbringing you are providing to your child.

A lot of things happen in the life of students and they always want to share those things with someone and that too with someone who can guide them. Today the scenario of the education system has changed completely and students have adopted new and innovative methods of education completely. These methods of the new education system are very beneficial and easy for learning due to which students get a chance to gather information more than expected and anticipated. Earlier students were not aware of even LMS full form but today if this same term is asked to any student, then he or she can reply immediately to all the details about LMS full form. LMS portals provide a chance to the students to learn online safely. Kids and Learners face many adverse situations in their academic as well as personal life. Here a learned tutor emerges as a friend and not only helps the students to overcome such odd situations but also boosts their self-confidence to deal with such issues alone too. This good deed makes a friendly bond of trust between tutor and student. A tutor can’t be best friends with any of his/her students forever because the moment he/she starts being strict regarding discipline, students will not like it. Hence, it needs a balancing attitude. 

It is good to have a friendly relationship with students but there should be a fixed tine of teacher with students and this tone should be for overall class. Teachers should be very polite but along with this he or she should concentrate on educating more rather than getting interested in personal lives and matters. With this kind of attitude the tutor can be friendly with students as well as draw the essential line of discipline between both of them too. This relationship between tutor and student full of equilibrium draws the essential line of respect and honor because sometimes being very enthusiastic students break the code of conduct of discipline. Tutors should focus on completing the course for the students but meanwhile it is also necessary for them to make learning jolly for the students. Bringing humor in the class makes teaching easy and students also enjoy learning and do not cross their limits anyhow. It is found in various studies that those tutors who teach in funny methods, students love to attend his/her class. 

Doesn’t matter how far the tutor may plan and activate boundaries still students will ask many questions related to their personal life and indulgence of the tutor in the personal life of students is not good. Students have a lot of curiosity about their role model tutor so sometimes they ask questions related to the tutor’s personal life. At this moment the tutor should reply politely, “I do not discuss my personal life with others dear” and if the students insist still then the tutor can procrastinate the situation by saying a funny line, ” O dear! listening to my story will put you to sleep”. It is good to be friendly with students just because the tutor can’t put the academic life of the students at risk. So, a tutor always needs to be straightforward with his/her students.

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