FondMart Gives Privilege For Plus Size Boutique Wholesale Vendors World Wide

If you consider setting up a plus-size boutique, you must know about the benefits of being a wholesale vendor. With FondMart, you can enjoy many advantages. You can sell plus-size lingerie at wholesale prices and have a competitive edge over other vendors. The quality of the plus-size lingerie is guaranteed as they go through stringent quality control. As a plus-size wholesale vendor, you can also use customized services such as printing your logo and label. Moreover, you can also build your brand by customizing your wholesale clothing. By doing so, you can boost your business.


As a plus-size boutique wholesale vendors, you may wonder what makes FondMart different from its competitors. The company has become a global brand and has a strong following among consumers in various parts of the world. The company is run by Helen, an American entrepreneur who started her own company in 2017. She mainly focused on organizing and sourcing products in Los Angeles. She first heard about FondMart during the summer of 2021 when she accidentally came across the website. After that, she had no other choice but to join the company.

The company specializes in plus-size women’s clothing and offers many trendy items. Leading manufacturers and suppliers make the products sold at FondMart in China. You can buy these products at wholesale prices and develop your brand by customizing and manufacturing your own plus-size clothing. The company also works with thousands of verified suppliers from China and guarantees the quality of its merchandise.

FondMart plus size underwear

With their wholesale plus size lingerie, FondMart provides quality plus size lingerie. They carefully select suppliers and provide you with a testing sample to ensure the quality of each item. Customization is also available, including printing labels, shipping bags, and logos. This allows you to build your brand and boost your business. There are many advantages of becoming a FondMart plus-size lingerie boutique wholesale vendor.

Among the most popular brands on the plus-size clothing wholesale market, FondMart has a good selection of over 200,000 items. The number constantly increases as the company sifts through data to determine the best suppliers and products. Plus-size retailers will love the personalized services and high-quality products that FondMart provides. As a preferred wholesale vendor, you can easily find and purchase the most popular products, including custom-made pieces.

It has a fast supply chain

FondMart is a wholesale vendor of plus-size apparel that offers a variety of styles to suit the plus-size women’s figure. The wholesale vendor specializes in lingerie for plus-size women and is certified to provide high-quality products. Plus-size women will appreciate its comfortable design and quality construction, which makes it an excellent choice for lingerie wholesale. In addition, it offers customization services, such as label printing, packaging bag, shipping bag, and logo printing, which allow boutique owners to create their brands and boost their business.

After years of cooperation, the company has helped many brands expand their business. More than a third have experienced more than 100 percent growth. For example, one of our customers has gone from selling only a handful of products to earning $50,000 a month within four years. Moreover, she has increased the number of employees to 14, and her products range from 500 to over 2,000. Meanwhile, an American brand has maintained a monthly growth rate of 10%.


Whether a beginner or a seasoned plus-size boutique wholesale vendor, FondMart has the items you need to sell. With over 5,000 verified Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, you can buy plus-size clothing at affordable wholesale prices. With no minimum order amount, FondMart guarantees the quality of its merchandise. You can even order a single item or hundreds of articles. With a low price tag, you’ll find it easy to compete with other plus-size boutiques in your local area.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned plus-size boutique wholesale vendor, you’ll find a wide selection of trendy, fashionable plus-size clothing at FondMart. The minimum order is low, and you can also take advantage of the private label service. Developing your brand can be easier than you think! FondMart has a vast inventory, and you can order as few as ten pieces, which means you’ll have the most variety.

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