Four Signs It Is Time to Consider Home Healthcare Services for Your Aging Loved One

People age differently. While some can live independently into their 70s others may require home healthcare services several years before that. If you have an aging loved one, you should look out for signs that indicate they may need in-home care services. Hiring a caregiver for your senior family member helps them age at home independently for a long time. Click here to find professional caregivers. The following are some signs you should watch out for:

Lack of Personal Hygiene

Whether your loved one has not been taking a bath or brushing their teeth, this could indicate that they may no longer be able to care for themselves. Home healthcare professionals can make sure your loved one is always clean, brush their teeth, and take care of grooming.

Changes in Eating Habits

If your senior loved one cannot shop for groceries or prepare their meals, they may not be able to eat properly. Or perhaps they eat poorly as they depend on junk food to fill them up. Check their kitchen to see if it’s adequately stocked. If you find spoiled food in the refrigerator or an empty pantry, this could be concerning. Due to changes in your loved one’s eating habits, they could either lose or gain weight. 

Cognitive Decline

If your elderly loved one cannot make decisions, find it hard to follow directions, or become more confused than before, you may need to hire a home healthcare professional to assist them at home. 

Forgetfulness and other behaviors related to memory loss can indicate the need for in-home care services for your loved one. Missing important appointments, failing to keep up with bills and mails, and not taking medications indicate that your loved one needs extra help as they age at home. 

Behavioral Changes

If your elderly loved one suffers from increased anxiety, you may want to seek out help and know if they have underlying health problems. You should be concerned about other behavioral changes such as increased paranoia, aggression, hallucinations, delusions, and increased depression. In addition, you should particularly watch out for signs of Alzheimer’s disease such as sundowner’s syndrome. With this symptom, your loved one might become more confused, disorientated, or overwhelmed when the sun goes down. When it gets darker, such behavior can become out of character for them and their mood can significantly change. Although it can be hard, you might want to speak with your senior loved one to know if they are okay. Then, you should offer home healthcare solutions, so they have access to help in their everyday life. 

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