How to Create the Perfect Gaming Setup

The perfect gaming room is just a few short steps away. Every gamer deserves their own special space just like every movie fan deserves a home cinema. Here are some tips on how to equip and decorate the perfect gaming setup in your home.

Get Your Equipment Ready

There are many ways to game, and why limit yourself to just one? To have access to the full range of video games from any publisher, both new and retro, you will need a collection of consoles backed up by a PC gaming powerhouse.

Without the tools you need to game, you aren’t going to get anywhere. First on the list should be the PC, and to make life easier look at these Gaming Setups at Lenovo. These have the power and performance you are going to need to play the latest triple-A titles.

Express Yourself

Every wall is a blank canvas. In your gaming room, you have four walls that you can use to express your gaming tastes and other interests. Shelving is an opportunity to display some of your prized classic games and accessories.

Posters are a simple way to add color and patterns to a wall and show off some of your favorite gaming characters or blown-up pictures of retro game boxes. You can make a fun display from your joypads, joysticks, and other gaming peripherals. Put them on a wall like a carpenter would their tools — they are your gaming tools after all. This can make an eye-catching display and be a handy storage spot.

A Throne for the King (Or Queen)

Where you sit and what you sit on when you play are going to be incredibly important to your comfort over long-term gaming sessions. Many gamers suffer from numbness in their legs from extended playing periods on poorly designed seats.

The gaming chair is the scourge of the gaming industry. These are often cheaply made, badly designed, and overpriced. The best solution, if you don’t already have a favorite chair in mind, is an office chair. You will need to spend a bit more money on a good one that has been ergonomically designed, but these will keep you comfy for prolonged periods of gaming. They work between 9 and 5 after all.

Give Yourself Lighting Options

Overhead lights are awful for gameplay. In the earlier hours of the day, they can help to brighten a dull room, but after the night comes in, they can become bad for the eyes. When you are putting your gaming room together, make sure you have some space spare for lamps or LED lighting.

Adding a digital assistant to your lighting network is a smart idea. This gives you voice control over lamps and LED strips that are compatible with the system or with Wi-Fi-enabled control units that any device can be plugged into. This way you can change your lighting without having to pause your game.

These simple steps will create a gaming nirvana for you in your home. This can be a place to escape the stresses and strains of life and dive into a fully immersive gaming experience.

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