How to select your AV distributor and use them to their full potential.

You want the event to become a huge success. The following are our top five suggestions for picking an av distributor and using their audio-visual knowledge.

First, be specific about what you need.

Ensure your expectations for the outcome are crystal clear before dealing with the AV distributor”. If you know how many mics could be required, the size of something like the audience, or the kind of presentations, the supplier will have a far better grasp of the event but won’t overcharge you. You aren’t even required to be familiar with the particular goods or technical jargon. Below, outlined are a few things you should know before requesting quotations.

There will be presentations. If so, will you necessitate the AV provider to power them?

Are lapel or tie clip mics something you’d prefer for your speakers to use? If so, how many speakers may participate in a session at once?

Will you necessitate a moving microphone for the Q&A portion?

Are you trying to find a stage set?

Are you hoping that some of the incidents will be captured on camera?

Top Advice 2: Does the location have appropriate onsite equipment?

You may save money using in-house technology since it is often included in the delegate cost. Make sure to inquire about the specifics of what is offered and request a demonstration of any onsite projection & sound equipment. You may not do this in conference centres, but it is still highly advisable in a setting like a hotel.

Checking the venue’s onsite support team in case of any issues during the event is also a brilliant idea. Your AV staff should be glad to work around again and integrate with the existing systems, which might result in financial savings.

Third-best tip: Make sure the AV supplier is operating for you or, even better, alongside you.

When you chat with distributors, you will gain a sense of their technical prowess and level of customer service. However, the business is rife with “kit junkies”—technicians who are merely motivated by the need to utilise the largest and most significant—who may not be using the optimal equipment for the event and incurring excessive expenses. If anything is not immediately apparent, do not be afraid to question what the equipment and people are for. You should also be ready to inquire if it is essential to have them. A business that wants to collaborate with you and become a team member would talk about this together and offer suggestions.

Top Tip 4: Take Access Times into account.

The equipment has to be put up and tested, which takes time. In general, bigger venues need more equipment, which increases the time required to set everything up. Ensure sufficient time for installation and clean-up during and following the event when reserving your location. Ensure the AV provider knows this information when you chat about price. Once again, a business that works together will find a method to make the timings work, and they’ll be delighted to guide the timeframes required.

Five-Star Tip: Mains Power:

When considering outdoor events, this is especially crucial. All audio-visual equipment requires power, and by making sure your firm is aware of the power sources and availability onsite, they can make sure the equipment & distribution they employ are appropriate or counsel you on generating should extra power be required.

Wrapping up: –

It’s also an excellent idea to discuss other event components that could need electricity, such as the caterer, the organisers’ office, and even emergency lights. An av distributor” collaborating with you ought to be ready to assist with this and provide guidance on the most acceptable guarantee that all requirements are met.

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