ITIL certification: Why you need it, how to get it?

ITIL provides a framework for significant practices in the field of IT service management. The certification has gained good recognition all around the world, proving it as one of the top IT certifications. It also validates for being one of the highest paying IT certifications. This recognition is possible for the reason that ITIL gives immense importance to the basics that are needed in the business. The framework of ITIL teaches about improving the various IT services and increasing productivity in the organization. The individuals also learn about cost-cutting solutions and prove to be greatly beneficial for the organization and its business.

Why do the candidates need ITIL?

The ITIL certification and framework ensures that IT professionals are aware of the best practices of ITIL, and they have knowledge of how to manage the problems relating to IT service management. The framework of ITIL helps in improving the operations in the IT field in spite of wherever the business is in the life cycle of service management. The framework also helps in reducing the IT prices in the business, therefore increasing profit. For many individuals, ITIL acts as a common language that helps organizations to connect their skills and make them interlinked and transferable. The organizations having various IT branches like monetary management, capability, and availableness management, and other service level management induce the ITIL certification and coaching into their organizations.

A large number of firms all around the world have a demand for ITIL certification. Even the largest technology firms demand professionals have this certification. The demand in the industries for the ITIL framework is the reason for the increase in the number of individuals going for this certification. The ITIL certification makes the individuals learn and understand all the necessary details that they need to know about the ITIL framework.

How to get the ITIL certification?

  1. First, the candidates have to understand that there are five levels of ITIL certification. All the levels focus on different levels in which the candidates are when they join the industry or if they already are associated with the IT industry. The foundation level certification focuses on beginners who want to get into this field. Then come the intermediate level and other skilled levels, where the candidates learn about the ITIL framework deeply. In the end, the master level helps the candidates to be precise and accurate about the knowledge. The expertise of the candidates in this field of work increases with every level.
  2. After knowing about the certifications, the candidates have to take up the certification examination. The examination contains 40 multiple choice questions, and the candidates need to answer them in one hour. The examination tests all the skills of the candidates that are necessary for them to take up the work in the IT field accurately and effectively. The overall knowledge and skill test is done, and when the individuals pass the examination, they get access to the certification.
  3. To prepare for the examination, a large number of guides and study materials are available. The candidates can easily resort to these mediums for their thorough preparation. All the practices of IT service management are present in the study guides properly so that the candidates do not face any problem regarding the same. The individuals can also take up practice tests to understand time management and get acquainted with the exam pattern. They can know better about the breakage of questions and the difficulty level of the question. This helps the candidates to prepare properly and clear their queries in time. Some individuals resort to self-study, while some others prefer training programs. Both are effective ways of preparing, and the balance of both can help the individuals greatly.


Practicing and being dedicated to something always pays off. The ITIL certification credential paves the way for a bright career in the information technology industry. The candidates obtain the much-needed position that they need and grab numerous opportunities. Their job roles and responsibilities enhance, and along with that, they get entitled to lucrative pay. The benefits of the certification are uncountable. All the reason shows that taking up the ITIL certification is a decision that an individual can never regret. With proper preparation, it is not difficult to crack the certification exam and earn the certification. The candidates can use different tips and tricks to obtain success in the field of their liking. In total, the ITIL credential is worth spending time on, and it can create numerous significant opportunities for talented individuals.

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