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Cannabis is a plant that has both benefits and harms. The advantage that is widely studied is that CBD and THC are therapeutic compounds. The proportions of both doses were specific for each disease. Therefore, it is necessary to check the strains of cannabis. Cannabis production to get CBD and THC that are suitable for utilization needs. But be aware that marijuana is also toxic to the body. Therefore, it must be studied well. Use as directed by your doctor. so it will be the safest. Buy CBD from good CBD shop for good products.

The main substances contained in cannabis are: 

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) helps the body relax. And have a psychoactive effect of reducing stress, but it must be used in the right amount, and CBD (Cannabidiol) reduces inflammation of the wound. reduce pain inhibit the growth of cancer cells

Marijuana is not a plant that can cure all diseases. Each strain of cannabis contains different compounds in different quantities. Therefore, it is imperative to study to ensure that the amount of CBD and THC in cannabis is appropriate for treating the disease. Because in addition to CBD and THC, cannabis contains other compounds. Much more, both valuable and toxic.

The main marijuana strains of interest are:

1. Sativa species (Cannabis sativa L.)

Most come from the equator. (Colombia, Mexico, and Southeast Asia) has tall, thin stems, narrow leaves, and a light green color. It grows faster compared to the Indica species. And grows up to 20 feet tall in one season. It takes about 10 to 16 weeks to mature. The flavors range from earthy to sweet fruity flavors. It often causes paranoia and cardiac arrhythmias. Therefore, Sativa species are rarely chosen as medicinal products. The advantage of the Sativa breed is to feel good, and it helps relieve depression, fatigue, appetite stimulation, pain, and nausea. The data was also popular and available in North America during the 60s and 70s, although the data is quite rare. But it is still in demand by breeders who use genetic information to design various crossbreeds.

2. Indica species Cannabis indica Lam.

There are areas with dry air in the Middle East, such as Afghanistan, China, Tibet, and Nepal. The appearance of a short, bushy plant. Broad leaves are usually dark green. Because there is a lot of chlorophyll, the flowers are close together, with low THC but higher CBD than Sativa. The flowers are commonly extracted as oil for medical use. After the onset of flowering, it will reach full maturity in 6 to 8 weeks and is an ideal species for indoor growing.

3. Ruderlis strain Cannabis Ruderlis Janisch

Originating in central Russia, it has a small amount of THC and is a strain that is rarely grown for recreational use but has a high content of CBD shop, so it has gained immense popularity. In addition, the Ruderalis cultivar is interesting for its age-dependent flowering. Instead of a cycle of light is the flowering autoflowering. This means that even if the species is grown indoors for 24 hours in the morning, it will bloom according to its genetic schedule. Therefore, when crossbreeding this species with an Indica or Sativa strain, the result will be more likely to bloom. autoflowering and has a higher CBD shop content.

It will develop a cannabis strain with a high CBD average for medical use.

Many countries worldwide allow medicinal use of CBD, including Thailand, which will enable patients to use medicinal cannabis. However, this plant cannot be grown legally in Thailand. Cannabis strains that are developed for the primary purpose of treating patients with various diseases are known as “CBD strains.” High in CBD but low or near THC. The push for more medical use of CBD is because it has similar therapeutic benefits to THC, but CBD is not intoxicating as THC, so CBD seems more suitable for medical use. However, some diseases require both CBD and THC to be used concomitantly for treatment, such as cancer, relieving peripheral neuropathy.

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