Types of Scanning During Pregnancy

There are different types of scanning during pregnancy Densipaper. Standard ultrasounds are performed to check the physical development of the fetus, estimate gestational age, and screen for major congenital defects. If your doctor suspects that your baby is developing heart defects, she may order a specialized ultrasound. Some of these techniques include Doppler ultrasound and 3D ultrasound. The ultrasound technology used to perform these tests is called a transvaginal ultrasound probe, which is inserted into the vagina magazines2day. Another type of scanning is transabdominal ultrasound, which uses a transabdominal transducer to view the uterus and abdomen.

The first type of scanning is known as an early pregnancy scan lifestylemission. This is done at around 12 weeks or earlier if you’re having twins. This scan is important to check the heartbeat of the baby and confirm the pregnancy is healthy. A scan at this early stage is also used to look for abnormalities in the baby, although most abnormalities should only be checked at around 20 weeks.


An ultrasound can be performed at your doctor’s office getliker, an imaging center, or a hospital. A trained technician will perform the test under the supervision of a physician. In this procedure, the patient will lie on a padded table while a small device known as a transducer is passed over the abdomen. This device produces a picture of the baby that appears on a monitor in the nearby room. The sonographer may have to apply pressure to your tummy at times to get a clear image ventsmagazine.

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