What is the difference between CBD and Hemp? Why is the cosmetic notice not the same?

You may be familiar with Cannabidiol, or CBD, as a hemp-derived cosmetic ingredient. So I understand that CBD probably uses the same branding laws as other types of Hemp Extract, such as Hemp Seed Oil,

But did you know that? CBD is not always extracted from hemp. Including there is a law to inform cosmetics that are different from other types of hemp extracts as well. Today we have an answer to leave.

What is CBD?

CBD is a substance. It is classified as cannabinoids (Cannabinoids) that can be extracted from hemp and cannabis. Found mainly in the leaves and inflorescences. It has essential properties for reducing inflammation. And relax the body. It is also highly secure. It does not act on the nervous system like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is classified as a drug,

Therefore, CBD is used for medical benefits and the beauty industry widely, especially in the European Union and America, where the term CBD shop, Cannabidiol is most often used as part of the product name. to differentiate between CBD-containing products and other hemp-based products (Hemp).

Top Benefit for Your Skin

According to Cosmetics design, a website that gathers news on the global cosmetics industry, it is revealed that CBD has many skin-enhancing properties. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Helps soothe sensitive and easily irritated skin. Including helping to control the function of the sebaceous glands under the skin (Sebocyte) by making the oil production on the skin more balanced. Neither too oily nor too dry. Reduce the accumulation of bacteria and dirt in the pores. One of the causes of acne

Additionally, research has shown that CBD ingredients are potent antioxidants. It helps restore skin from ageing wrinkles and lifeless skin to be soft, moisturized and healthy. CBD skincare is a new alternative product with this active ingredient in CBD. to watch

Guidelines for registering CBD cosmetics

In Thailand, there are three forms of CBD shop that the FDA has allowed to use as an ingredient in cosmetic products:

  1. Cannabis spp. Extract cannabidiol extract in liquid form
  2. Cannabis spp. The tincture, cannabidiol extract in alcohol form 
  3. Cannabis spp. Resin, cannabidiol extract in resin form

It must be the substance cannabidiol. Obtained from the extraction of cannabis or hemp plants. It is not synthetic cannabidiol. as well as being a raw material that can only be obtained from production sources in Thailand

By law, cosmetic products must contain cannabidiol. (Cannabidiol) not more than 1% and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) contaminated not more than 0.2%, which must be accompanied by a document showing the results of the raw material analysis. and documents on the results of the finished cosmetic examination to accompany the submission of the notification

Do not use cannabidiol. In oral products and products used in hidden areas.

In the naming of the product Cannabidiol, CBD can be used as part of the product name. But must convey that it is a finished cosmetic product such as CBD moisturizer cream or Cannabidiol cleansing soap, not misleading as raw materials. or conveying properties beyond the scope of cosmetics, such as CBD oil and Cannabidiol oil.

Read here. Many people will understand the difference between CBD and Hemp and the benefits of CBD? and guidelines for registering CBD cosmetics in Thailand as a guideline for people interested in building a beauty CBD shop from CBD.

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