Which App Should I Develop For Android Users?

When developing your app, one of the first questions you will ask yourself is which platform will my users be using? While both Android and iOS users use similar operating systems, they differ greatly in their usage habits and user bases. The main differences between Android and iOS users are their preferences, their devices’ screen sizes, and their overall sophistication. To determine which platform your app should target, consider what features you plan to add to the app. For instance, Android users are more likely to use smartphones than their laptops, so an app that caters to their needs may not perform well on an iPad or laptop.

The open source nature of Android makes it a blessing and a curse for developers. While Google releases security patches for the Android operating system, many users fail to update their devices on a regular basis. Hence, developers must be very careful about the security of their apps. For example, they should implement complex encryption, use additional security features, and avoid storing any personal information in the app. Once the user is satisfied with the app, they may decide to download it for their own use.

One consideration should be the number of users in the target country. This is an important factor as Android users are largely found in the US. Apple users are also more likely to pay for mobile apps. iOS users tend to be more affluent than Android users. The same can be said for the cost of iOS devices. And while Android may be cheaper, iOS is a much more popular choice. Both operating systems have their advantages and drawbacks, and it is important to make the right decision for your app.

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